Conference on Air Pollution and Urban Planning

The French Embassy in Kosovo and Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) are organizing the Conference on Air Pollution and Urban Planning, which will be held on 29 November 2018, from 09:00 – 15:30, at the National Library of Kosovo in Pristina.

This high-level conference will enable to discuss policy challenges related to air quality in Pristina and its links with urban planning, where French experts will exchange with Kosovar counterparts on EU-related requirements and policies in the area of air quality and best practices related to urban planning.

The municipality of Pristina faces long-lasting problems related to rapid urbanisation, such as deficiencies in waste and water management and insufficient environmental friendly policies in the field of transportation or energy. Among those issues, the low level of air quality, specifically during the winter, despite being very well-known, has not yet been addressed successfully.

The conference will be divided into two discussion panels, where the first panel will focus on air quality in Pristina and deal with air quality monitoring, the main sources of air pollution (residential heating, road traffic and industrial emissions) and its impact on environment and public health.

The second panel will help designing solutions to improve air quality in Pristina and initiate ecological transition in relation to urban planning such as transportation, energy efficiency, green areas.

There will also be presentations from 'Bordeaux Metropôle' on “Good Practices in the city of Bordeaux: rehabilitation of a polluted city”, and from 'Science for Change' on environmental education for children. Further, the conference will include an exhibition of the photographer Hazir Reka, portraying through camerawork the correlation between air pollution and urban planning around Kosovo.    

The conference is open for the public, so click on this link and register to attend!

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