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Design, Printing and Video Animation Services

Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) is a regional organization that promotes inclusive and equitable progress within the Western Balkans on sustainable development domain. Along with its partner organizations, BGF places a strong focus on advocating for solutions that promote development policies, which are in line with the world's latest developments, global challenges and national agendas for EU integration.

As of December 2019, BGF has instigated a project “Promoting and supporting the inclusion of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources in Kosovo’s energy mix. The project is funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The overall objective is to contribute to a better understanding among the public and public servants of the benefits brought by investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Kosovo. Increasing the general awareness on the importance and the concrete benefits of energy efficiency measures; contribute to improved societal behavioural change towards energy spending and savings by using new technologies and measures, achieved through new fiscal, administrative and public policy measures.

As part of this project, several activities and materials, branded with high quality design, print and video production standards, will be produced for the promotion of the project activities. For this purpose, we are looking for a company, which will be producing original/graphic design materials.  

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How to Apply

The interested company should submit the offer and other relevant documents to Balkan Green Foundation through one of the following means:

  1. Send the offer to the address: info@balkangreenfoundation.org, specifying in the subject line ‘Graphic Design, Printing and Video Animation Services’.


  1. Submit a hard copy offer in a sealed envelope at our office in the address: Street Edith Durham, Avalla Building 1, No. 24, Prishtinë, 10000, Kosovë.


The deadline for submitting the offer (prices per unit) is on 09 February 2020, COB.