Western Balkans Sustainable Policies towards EU integration Regional Conference

Prishtina, 26 April 2016 - The Balkan Green Foundation (BGF), in collaboration with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the European Office in Kosovo/EUSR, organized a high-level regional conference to discuss matters regarding sustainable development, climate change, and Western Balkan countries pathway towards Europe.

The conference tackled energy, climate change, and environmental policies, in the context of the Western Balkans. Specific focus was afforded to national strategies on energy and climate change, targets and obligations within the Energy Community Treaty, and the potential of a liberalized energy market. Ministers of the Environment and Energy/Economic Development from the region presented their commitments for the above mentioned topics, especially with regard to the Paris agreement.

Additionally, representatives of the European Commission and other EU institutions addressed achievements and what path each country should undertake towards a sustainable energy policy. High-level representatives of agencies working on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Secretariat of the Energy Community Treaty, highlighted the targets, commitments, achievements, and joint means of financing environmentally friendly energy projects throughout the region.

The conference was organized in three panels, where the first Panel tackled on issues of the Aftermath of the Paris Agreement: perspectives from the Western Balkans and the EU. The second Panel had as a topic of discussion “The Western Balkans 6 Connectivity Agenda: Regional market, An Integrated Solution,” whereas the third Panel focused on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources.

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