Trainings and financial support scheme for local CSOs within ‘Empower – Engage – Build Ownership’ project

Prishtina, June 13 2018 - Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) in cooperation with Institute for Development Policy (INDEP), are implementing the project ‘Empower – Engage – Build Ownership’ supported by the EU Office in Kosovo.

Within the project, BGF and INDEP during April and May held Capacity Building Trainings, organized in 7 administrative centers in Kosovo, including Ferizaj, Prishtina, Prizren, Mitrovica, Gjakova, Peja, and Gjilan – with the aim of assisting various CSOs on developing skills so that they are able to implement proper projects, campaigns and represent the interests of their communities more effectively. Also, info sessions were organized at the locations aforementioned, promoting the financial support scheme to aid local CSOs in Kosovo that BGF and INDEP are offering as part of the project, by securing funding for their activities in one of three thematic areas: Environment protection, Green energy and Sustainable economic growth/Circular Economy.

The aim of these activities which have brought together more than 100 CSO representatives, was to build their knowledge on sustainable development issues, enabling them to identify priorities and fulfill their role in the democratic environment to act as independent   interlocutors,  to   monitor   public   institutions,   to  contribute   to   increasing accountability and transparency in policy development and decision-making processes on issues related to environment, energy and green economic growth.

Participating CSOs in these trainings and info sessions were mainly engaged in improving the lives of citizens in communities/municipalities/regions as well as at the central level especially with the focus on environment protection, promotion of green energy, and circular economy.

By the end of the implementation of this action, more than 100 CSO representatives have been prepared and well informed about the sustainable development sector, advocacy tools and monitoring practices in improving the situation in their community/municipality/region or even nationally. Whereas, regarding the funding scheme within the project, CSOs around Kosovo are welcomed to submit their proposals by 1 July, 2018 at 23:59. More details here.

‘Empower – Engage – Build Ownership’ project aims to provide continuous support to public institutions and CSO's by engaging in activities that promote environmental preservation, green economy and sustainable economic growth in the whole Kosovo; and simultaneously, contribute in increasing citizens’ awareness on sustainable development in Kosovo.

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