“Environmental Dialogue Platform” – an opportunity to accentuate environmental challenges in Kosovo and Serbia

Belgrade, 11-13 July, 2018 - Balkan Green Foundation, in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Belgrade Open School organized the “Environmental Dialogue Platform” round table, which took place in Belgrade. The round table aimed at establishing cooperation and dialogue between civil society organizations from Kosovo and Serbia on environmental protection and climate change, as vital aspects of EU integration process for both sides.

Both Kosovo and Serbia are faced with serious challenges in the area of Environment and Climate Change, a topic that affects everyone equally. As such, this event gathered representatives of 12 CSOs from Kosovo and Serbia and featured a joint presentation of common challenges for Kosovo and Serbia in Chapter 27, as well as a workshop dedicated to developing common solutions for tackling the challenges.

Linda Shuku, Researcher from BGF, said that: The Country Report with the focus on Chapter 27 for Kosovo states clearly that environment protection in Kosovo is one of the biggest challenges of the country. Issues of air pollution, energy poverty and climate change are problems that Kosovo should recognize as crucial and take firm actions towards improving the situation. Civil society in Kosovo, although with the limited impact on addressing the decision makers, is continually working towards raising awareness and advocate for sound and effective policies for environment protection. There is a great potential and possibilities of cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia on addressing environmental problems in each country through identifying common solutions on shared challenges.”

The Round table provided an opportunity for setting the basis for communication on topics that are common challenges for both sides, and influence the quality of everyday lives of citizens. The discussions which took place through this roundtable aimed at creating a platform for networking, exchanging experiences and opening possibilities for joint work of CSOs from both sides on identified issues.

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