BGF and INDEP award 20 Organizations within the EEBO Grant Scheme

During the 2nd Call of Proposals for the Small and Medium Grants Scheme under the ‘Empower – Engage – Build Ownership’ Project, Balkan Green Foundation and Institute for Development Policy‘s (INDEP)  received in total 151 applications. Out of the 64 applications which qualified for the second phase of evaluation, 20 organizations were selected as beneficiaries of Balkan Green Foundation‘s (BGF) and Institute for Development Policy‘s (INDEP) Medium and Small Grant Scheme, which is funded by the European Union.

Through the project, Empower – Engage – Build Ownership‘, BGF and its partner INDEP, aim to assist organizations to fulfill their role in the democratic environment, to act as independent interlocutors, to monitor public institutions, to increase accountability and transparency in policy development and decision-making processes through areas and subjects of direct importance and concern of communities and civil society groups as issues related to environment, energy and green economic growth.

This grant scheme is designed to Increase citizens’ awareness on sustainable development in Kosovo through supporting activities that promote especially environment, energy and green economic growth by providing 17 applicants with small grants of 4,000 euros or less, and 3 applicants with medium grants of up to 15,000 euros.

The total amount spent on the grant scheme is 111,776.00 euros.

The grantees were selected by a professional jury, which assessed 64 applications. Their decision was based upon the relevance of the proposed actions and activities, creativity, quality of the financial offer, the project team’s potential and previous experience of the applicant. The selected proposals provide a variety of activities including capacity building, educative workshops, awareness campaigns for sustainable development issues, cleaning actions, production of organic fertilizers, awareness raising on circular economy, cooperation with state institutions’ etc. Whereas the implementing locations of the activities are all around Kosovo, including Prishtina, Gjilan, Peja, Mitrovica South and North, Dragash, Prizren, etc.

All applicants received individual replies about their application, which also included an evaluation form with points and comments from the jury.

The 3rd Call of Applications within EEBO Project will be open around September/October 2019. 

Below is the full list of the successful applicants of the 2nd Call for Proposals for the Medium and Small Grant Scheme package within the “Empower – Engage – Build Ownership” project.

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