Government of Montenegro drops its intention to build second block of the thermal power plant

During the Miločer Development Forum, the Prime Ministerof Montenegrom Mr Duško Marković, announced that the Government of Montenegro has dropped the construction of the second block of the Thermal Power Plant in Pljevlja for the sake of environment. He said that the Government was spending over €50 million for the recovery of black ecological points.

According to him, ecology is one of the very few issues on which the consensus has been reached. Mr Marković said that there had been a transformation in energy and a shift towards renewable resources.

“We quit trying to exploit potentials of the great coal deposit in Pljevlja for the purposes of the construction of the second thermal power plant, although it would have been huge investment. We said no, we are going to build what is in the interest of our economic policy, sustainable development and environment preservation”, said Mr Marković.

We call upon countries of the Western Balkans to take similar actions and move away from the fossil fuel era towards a renewable energy sector. 


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