Better regional energy integration important in climate change mitigation

October 2019 - Balkan Green Foundation took part in the UN Day Coffee Talks, organized by the United Nations Association Albania and UN Youth Albania held in Tirana, with the theme: “Youth engagement for climate action”, where the impeding climate change catastrophe has been thoroughly discussed, the role and the concrete actions the youth can take in mitigating this process. In this non-formal, open format and interactive session many young people from different backgrounds were present.

In the plenary panel, Balkan Green Foundation’s stance was that the role of the youth in the climate change mitigation and prevention process is very important. That the behavior of every person matters, that the climate is going to become an extremely important topic for humanity and the western Balkans particularly in the near future, as temperatures especially in this region will rise to extremes by the end of the century. Even though the region is not comparable to emissions from giants like China, India or other large countries, it is the duty of the region to be in line with global commitments given on the Paris Agreement, or the Energy Community Treaty.

Furthermore, besides a situational analysis of the energy situation in the WB6 and the mapping out of climate trends, also some recommendations were provided which the main was that a strongly interconnected western Balkans would do away with inefficiencies stemming from old coal power-plants and open the way to massive renewable energy being introduced to the overall WB6 energy grid, thus greatly reducing the reliance on coal.

The panel consisted of panelists from different backgrounds, starting from climate change youth activists, including a delegate to the UN Climate Summit, as well as representatives of civil society organizations, including but not limited to energy expertise. The panel concluded with a joint interaction between the audience and the panelists, where experiences, ideas were shared and new connections made.

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