Winners of the MAP Lighthouse Project announced

November 2019 – As part of the Multi-Actor Partnership for an Energy Transition in Kosovo, two lighthouse projects were announced as winners after a day-long selection process by the evaluation jury of the best ideas presented. The lighthouse projects aim is to showcase that an energy transition in Kosovo even at small scale is feasible and replicable and that such an approach can be replicated by ordinary people and the community at large and therefore play the role of a lighthouse project that showcases progress.

Two of the best and most innovative ideas consisted and were aligned with the call for the project proposals as in green energy generation and energy efficiency. As such one idea comprised of the improvement of the internal local rural grid and the stabilization of it via renewable solar energy by installing photovoltaic panels in Kukaj Village (close to Prishtina) to power facilities during numerous festivals held here throughout the year. The other idea consisted of a a fruit and vegetable drier that uses much less energy and is environmentally friendly, in order to dry the fruit as well as increases the local farmers’ output and impacts more than 80 farmers to earn more money in the longer run.

In order to ensure a smooth and transparent process and project implementation, a jury was established with international stakeholders active and well vested in the field of energy and the environment. As such, the evaluation jury consisted of three jurors from respectable international institutions and well vested in the topic, such as experts from the German Embassy, GIZ, and a German consultant in renewable energy. After the presentation of all projects that achieved the phase of presentation, two projects scored higher points and were selected as winners.  Balkan Green Foundation and Germanwatch also partook in the event, however in the role of observers and organizers only.

The project ideas will start to be implemented during the period of December – November 2020, and have the value of 15,000 Euros + 1000 Euros co-financing each. These projects will be implemented and monitored by Balkan Green Foundation and Germanwatch as well as through support by its partnering organizations including the donors.


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