SolarCollab: A Youth-led Energy Transition

31 July 2023

Balkan Green Foundation is thrilled to introduce its latest project, "SolarCollab".This groundbreaking initiative has been selected as one of the five grant recipients by the Kosovar Open Society Foundation (KFOS), receiving a prestigious grant of 25,000 EUR for a duration of one year. SolarCollab is set to pave the way for a fair energy transition at the municipal level in Kosovo by championing the democratization of energy and inspiring inclusive youth participation in the green economy.

Promoting a Fair Energy Transition Through Democratization of Energy

The main objective of SolarCollab is to foster a fair energy transition in Kosovo, and this will be achieved by advocating for the reduction of barriers to renewable energy systems, energy-efficient investments, and prosumerism. By breaking down obstacles and encouraging wider participation, the project aims to make renewable energy more accessible to the people of Kosovo, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

Empowering Youth through Knowledge Transfer

One of the primary focuses of SolarCollab is to empower young individuals by engaging them in the green economy. The project seeks to achieve this by providing specialized training and knowledge transfer to the youth. This involves conducting a comprehensive research study on the barriers to renewable energy and energy-efficient investments. Once the study is complete, it will be published alongside informative infographics. The study's findings will then be presented to key stakeholders, including the municipal government and the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Peer Learning for Sustainable Development

SolarCollab's peer learning program plays a crucial role in shaping the future of green energy in Kosovo. In the first phase, approximately 20 students from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering will undergo specialized training conducted by renewable energy experts from the private sector, specifically focusing on solar panel installation. This training aims to bridge the gap between the private sector and the labour market, ensuring the transfer of valuable skills. In the second phase, two of the trained university students will act as mentors, sharing their acquired knowledge with 45 students from various secondary schools. This approach ensures a cascading effect of knowledge transfer and equips the youth with essential information about green labour market opportunities, country-specific challenges, and installation and maintenance procedures.

Encouraging Green Investments

As part of its holistic approach, SolarCollab plans to inspire green investments through the combined efforts of company workers and faculty students. Participants will have the chance to witness the installation of solar panels during seminars, encouraging their active engagement and promoting a greater understanding of the benefits of renewable energy.

With its focus on democratizing energy, empowering youth, and fostering strategic partnerships, this youth-led initiative promises to play a significant role in accelerating the transition towards renewable energy and a sustainable future for generations to come.