BGF launches Kosovo's First Platform Dedicated to Social Enterprises

03 May 2024

We are happy to announce that Balkan Green Foundation, together with our regional partners launched the 'Social Enterprises Map' platform. 

This digital tool is designed to enhance the landscape of social entrepreneurship in the participating countries and to support the educational journey of young individuals by encouraging their active participation and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset.

The platform is the culmination of a two-year project titled 'Road Map of Social Enterprises.' Over this period, BGF has involved more than 10 youth entrepreneurs in various project activities, including researching Kosovo's social enterprise landscape and promoting their services and products. Despite the challenges encountered in engaging operational social enterprises in Kosovo, we have successfully fostered collaboration and facilitated the registration of approximately 15 social enterprises.

Kimete Arifaj,a youth contributor to the development of this platform highlighted that social entrepreneurship is still a new concept in Kosovo, making the platform invaluable. According to her, “the platform not only facilitates the promotion of social entrepreneurship endeavors but also serves as a networking tool, showcasing their efforts and engagement not only regionally but also on a broader scale.”

With the implementation of the Social Enterprise Law in November 2023, BGF will be committed to targeting more enterprises, enhancing their visibility and acknowledging their contributions to Kosovar society.


How can one access this platform? You can access the platform through this link. Feel free to explore it!

I want to register my social enterprise on this platform. What are the steps? 1) Click on the ‘log in’ option to create an account; 2) Then, navigate to ‘add a social enterprise’; 3) Fill in the necessary details on the provided form; 4) Await approval from the technical support team.

If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at: [email protected].

The "Road Map of Social Enterprises" project received support from the "Erasmus Plus" program and was implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in partnership with Youth Alliance - Kruševo, IDEA, Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development, Student Business Center, Enterprise Development Agency – EDA, Youth for Social Changes,  and Active Youth of Florina.