Beyond Boundaries: BGF's Triple Impact on Environmental Empowerment

29 January 2024

In a significant move toward sustainable change, Balkan Green Foundation proudly announces three groundbreaking projects aimed at strengthening environmental initiatives and fostering positive shifts in Kosovo and Southeast Europe. Supported by the Swedish Embassy, European Climate Initiative (EUKI), and implemented alongside esteemed partners, these initiatives mark a collective effort to empower civil society organizations, address energy poverty, and promote energy efficiency.

1. Empowering Environmental Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo (EECSOK)

The collaborative effort, supported by the Swedish Embassy, brings together partners such as the Community Development Fund (CDF), 7 Arts, Let's Do It Peja, and Ec Ma Ndryshe. This project is designed to support partner organizations, enabling them to tackle environmental challenges effectively. Key initiatives under EECSOK, led by the Balkan Green Foundation, include the "Energy Strategy Watch" and "Energy Hub," which focus on monitoring Kosovo's National Energy Strategy and engaging Pristina's youth in advocating for cleaner energy.

2. ReRural - Renew Rural Areas

Supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI), this collaborative effort involves Balkan Green Foundation, SDEWES Centre, City of Đurđevac (Croatia), RDA Green Carst (Slovenia), and LIR Evolution (Bosnia and Herzegovina). With a primary goal of addressing energy poverty in Southeast Europe's rural areas, ReRURAL emphasizes the role of the energy transition and Energy Communities in finding sustainable solutions. The initiative aims to enhance the capacities of local, regional, and national institutions, incorporating tools, workshops, and training sessions while actively engaging young people in the dialogue.

3. RenovAID

In partnership with WISE Europa, Institute for Development Policy - INDEP, Milieukontakt Albania, and Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute, RenovAID, the second project under the EUKI support, spans 24 months. This initiative focuses on empowering public administrations in Kosovo and Albania to establish energy efficiency policies aligned with EU standards. RenovAID promotes cross-sector collaboration to boost energy efficiency efforts and knowledge dissemination. The project also facilitates building renovations by equipping local stakeholders with the expertise to establish efficient one-stop shops.

These projects represent a significant step forward in Balkan Green Foundation's commitment to environmental sustainability, with a strategic focus on education, engagement, and collaboration to drive positive change in the region.

Stay tuned for updates on these transformative initiatives as they unfold.