Balkan Energy Prospect

The BEP platform offers a brief yet comprehensive reflection of the developments in the energy sector in each of the 6 countries of the Western Balkans. It provides a visual representation of data, denoting that efficient electricity access and connection of strategies within the WB region will drive the cooperation process and contribute regionally towards the advancement of their energy systems, guided by the shared commitments, obligations, and targets of the Energy Community Treaty.

Policy Evaluation Toolkit

The Policy Evaluation Toolkit was developed as part of the “Green Rural Deal” project financed by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. This policy toolkit is a framework that assists in developing inclusive green growth policies that are well anchored into the rural area’s broader development goals, and that combines the many instruments needed to create a coherent and sustainable policy package. It is organized around the core principles of green growth such as inclusiveness, social impact, transparency; and sustainability.