Balkan Green Academy

Balkan Green Academy (BGA) is a project supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) and USAID. BGA aims to educate young people on three main pillars: policy-economics-society, using a cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach, encouraging knowledge building and at the same time combining modules that will explore the policy perspective, the economic and social impact of businesses. 

The main aims are: 

  • To promote principles and values of sustainable and green policy in issues related to the economic, social, and political development of the Western Balkan societies (with special focus on 2030 Agenda - Sustainable Development and Green Agenda for the Western Balkan)
  • To connect grassroots green activists, CSOs with green sustainable initiatives and potential or existing rural and urban green entrepreneurs.
  • To stimulate regional cooperation on green principles, values and experience-sharing through cooperation with international and European stakeholders.
  • To prepare local and regional actors to identify potentials within-in their communities for creation of green and sustainable initiatives and businesses. 

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation for Transformative Environmental Action

Through the Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation for Transformative Environmental Action project, supported by Heinrich Böll Foundation, Balkan Green Foundation seeks to intensify its work with energy and environment relevant stakeholders and closely work with Members of Parliament to promote the Green Deal and advocate for cleaner and sustainable policies in the country.

Accounting for the holistic and all-round approach of the project, actions are geared towards inspiring a need for change and steering the public towards green practices by stimulating discussion on environmental issues, but also involving new evidence-based educational component which aims to improve the awareness and knowledge of MP’s about the importance of the Green Deal, Energy, Environment and Climate issues and drawing up of comprehensive political representation on issues of sustainability, explore opportunities for the advancement of green policies in the country, whilst emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and improvement of public health.

Green Debate Tournament

Through the Green Debate Tournament project, we aim to strengthen the skills of youngsters in critical and creative thinking, by training them in the British Parliamentary debating format. The project contains training activities, and a debate tournament, focused on green issues, to raise the awareness of the youngsters on the importance of environmental issues in society, thus becoming green activists themselves.

Furthermore, the project contains a positive example of green investment efficiency. It ends with the investment of solar panels in the school from which come the winners of the debate tournament organized within the project. This project is implemented with the financial support of UNMIK.