Advocacy for the Green Agenda: Strategies and success stories from the Western Balkans

15 March 2024

Skopje, North Macedonia - Represented by our Project Coordinator, Andina Vllahiu, Balkan Green Foundation participated in a panel discussion on Green Agenda, hosted by the Center for Sustainable Development ALKA.

Within the panel, Andina was accompanied by Blagoja Mukanov of "GREEN GROWTH PLATFORM," Bojan Trpevski from MACEDONIAN YOUNG LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (MYLA), Gjoko Vukanovski of "MHRA/CED FLOROZON," and Hristina Vojdovic from "RERI," which engaged the audience with stories of success in advocating for the Green Agenda across the Western Balkans. The talk focused on working together with policymakers, stressing the importance of unified strategies and the positive results they bring, where panelists agreed that “forming strong partnerships with civil society organizations is crucial for making the Green Agenda a success”.

Andina shared how BGF works for the Green Agenda and boosts awareness of sustainable practices. She passionately stated, "BGF is a crucial partner for local, regional, and global communities in promoting sustainable development." She highlighted BGF's diverse approach, focusing on effective advocacy, empowering local actors, and detailed policy analyses. She pointed out projects like "Energy Transformation and Decarbonization in the Western Balkans," financed by BMZ, creating a platform for CSOs to collaborate on energy transition. Another significant effort mentioned was the "Kosovo Green Action," funded by the World Bank, which aims to improve public access to energy and climate information for a transparent Green Agenda in Kosovo.

The conference concluded on a note of urgency, stressing the need for immediate measures to avert the adverse impacts of climate change.

“Advocacy for the Green Agenda: Strategies and success stories from the Western Balkans” as part of the "CSOs are invaluable players in the implementation of the Green Agenda" was hosted by ALKA and supported by the Civic Resistance Mechanism of the European Union.